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Breast Augmentation

The breast is a point of reference for a woman’s femininity, and that’s why breast augmentation is the most common aesthetic surgery worldwide. Women with small or asymmetrical breasts can be helped with breast augmentation surgery. Today, plastic Surgery with a multitude of shapes for silicone implants can guarantee a natural and long-lasting result.

How long does the surgery take?

Breast augmentation takes one to one and a half hours.

Where is the incision made?

The incision can be made in one of the following places:

– in the fold under the breast,

– in the armpit or around the nipple.

Each incision has advantages and disadvantages that should be discussed with the treating Plastic Surgeon.

Which technique is used today?

The silicone implant can be placed behind the breast, either under the fascia of the pectoralis major muscle (subfascial), or under the muscle (pectoralis major). We recommend placing the implant with the Dual plane technique, the most modern breast augmentation technique.

So in the upper pole of the breast (décolletage) the silicone is under the muscle, while in the lower pole the silicone is behind the breast. In this way we ensure sufficient coverage of the implants, giving a natural and long-lasting result. In addition, with this technique, it is possible to correct a small ptosis of the breast without additional incisions.

What types of silicone implants are used?

Depending on their shape, the implants are divided into round and anatomical silicone implants.

Which are preferable?

The use of anatomical silicone implants has a more natural effect because they imitate the shape of the normal breast.

How do I choose the ideal implants for me?

The size and type of implant depends on body measurements (height, chest girth, existing breast) and the woman’s wishes. We decide ideal breasts implants after a discussion with the Plastic Surgeon and testing special external sizes.

Is it true that round implants fill the upper pole (cleavage) of the breast better than anatomical ones?

No. The anatomical implants can fill the upper pole of the breast itself like the round one. Simply, the anatomical implants start to fill the cleavage a little higher than the round one. This gives a more natural effect.

Is it true that the anatomical insert can rotate after the surgery and affect the aesthetic result?

No. When the surgeon places the implants in a precise position, it cannot turn.

What is the lifespan of the implants? Will I need to change my implants a few years after my breast augmentation?

No. The implants have a lifetime warranty.

Does it hurt?

It is a minimally painful procedure. When there is no damage or injury to tissue, or bleeding, the pain is minimal.

After the procedure, the patient will only feel some tension in the area.

How long do I need to wear chest bandages?

Not at all. After the procedure the patient wears a simple sports bra.

Can breast augmentation affect breastfeeding?

Women who have undergone breast augmentation can breastfeed normally, without any risk.

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