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Mesotherapy PRP

Mesotherapy is a method of aesthetic medicine which consists of injecting various substances into or under the skin. Autologous mesotherapy is the epitome of mesotherapy nowadays due to the very spectacular results it has. It has been used with spectacular results to tighten loose skin, treat small wrinkles and scars (e.g., from acne), improve skin texture.

Mode of action;

Autologous mesotherapy utilizes the activated platelets in the blood plasma (PRP-platelet rich plasma) in order to release the autologous growth factors, The growth factors are proteins with anaplastic and restorative properties that are present in our body. They have the ability to activate stem cells, repairing damaged tissue.


A blood sample is taken (like we do for a blood test). With a special centrifugation process, the components of the blood are separated – plasma, platelets, white and red blood cells. From these, the plasma and the growth factors contained in the platelets are used. With the help of a fine needle P.R.P is injected. in the treated area.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Autologous mesotherapy offers excellent results in combination with treatments such as botox or hyaluronic acid, while it can also be used in combination with laser.

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